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Part of our business is making sure your business kicks off on a great start, we cover all angles for you and make sure you operate an air tight system mitigating risks on all levels

We offer consultation to Mid and Top Level companies who are interested in generating sales but do not have the time or team strength to go achieve their goals. We provide effective and tailor fit solution. Our methods are sometimes unconventional but are effective. We also offer several components of your business to aid its growth and sustainability. 

Our rates are hourly and monthly and are designed to fit every business category, level and budget

Real Estate

We recommend best Real Estate practice for our clients and  provide up to date information on current Real Estate Trend. We also provide investigation services on all kind of properties, nation wide regardless of the property’s status.  


We provide our clients best marketing solution that fits their needs and industry. We recommend best marketing practices and platforms to get the best results. With over 10 years of marketing, we have the resources and expertise to provide technical support to help our clients reach their desired goals 


Looking for what to invest in with good ROI? We provide our clients with good investment opportunities across different industries. We have a strong foot in the tech space and provide our clients with tech businesses ideas and opportunities to venture into 

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