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Otas Ekrebe is an educator, business mentor,  internet marketer and entrepreneur. His company, Earn Smart Academy, teaches marketers and entrepreneurs about various tactics to grow their businesses. With his experience from owning several businesses online, he has helped over 200 startup businesses gain financial freedom through online marketing. With the help of paid advertising; from Facebook Ads and Google, he has helped businesses reach more people and sell more products using affiliate marketing strategies.

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We Offer Training on Social Media Marketing

The birth of Social Media makes marketing way more effective than ever before. Understanding and using these platforms are important because this is where your prospective clients are situated.  You will learn different levels of social media marketing and how it can be a good marketing tool for your business. Equip your Sales Team with resources needed to drive your sales through the roof today!

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To equip individuals and companies with the technical skill needed to build a sustainable business through the use of Digital Marketing in today’s fast pace world. To also introduce our clients to effective and creative sales and marketing strategies aimed at increasing their revenue and ROI 

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We provide up-to-date marketing strategies are highly committed to the process and to our clients. 


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Every member of our team is committed to giving you the best experience with all of our services. We aim to make sure you get all you need to help you with your sales and marketing.

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