Welcome to the safest online dating verification process you’ll ever have! Pick a profile or a date and we verify and do a background check 

By verifying your date’s profiles, you can be rest assured that the person behind the profile is who they claim to be, reducing the risk of fraud and catfishing.

With our teams of professionals, we dig deep to make sure your date isn’t telling you lies, cheating on you or cheating with you

A lot of these dating websites and apps claim they can really match you up with someone. What we do is evaluate that match to see if it really works for you

Has your heart been broken before, or do you need to heal from a terrible relationship experience? We provide an online support group that will help you heal and grow fast 

With our pool of seasoned professionals, we provide very cost-effective relationship counselling in helping you and your spouse to have a more and loving and safe relationship 

With our years of experience in verifying millions of dating profiles around the world, we can actually “recommend” highly safe and suitable suitors.

Feeling alone and bored and feel like chatting with a random stranger? Then we provide you with interesting people who are willing to chat with you and kick out that boredom. (Terms and Conditions Applied)

Don’t feel like going to see a movie alone or maybe you don’t want to go to another family wedding single. We provide you with someone in your location that’s willing to be your customized dates for that day (Terms And Conditions Applied)

You probably don’t like chatting but prefer speaking over the phone. Then we got that exact someone for you that can hold up a conversation and keep you awake through the night (Terms and Condition applied)

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