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Make N250,000 Per Week Running A Profitable Food Delivery Business

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Do You Know You Can Start A Food Delivery Business In Any Country Of Your Choice?

In this training you will be learning everything you need to start a profitable food delivery business. To join, click on the button or read through for more information


What exactly is a food delivery business?

A food delivery business specializes in delivering meals and other food items to customers. It provides a convenient way for customers to get their food without leaving the house. 

If you have ever heard of or used Bolt Food, Glovo, DoorDash, Good Eggs, Gopuff, Imperfect Foods, Instacart, Postmates, Shipt, O3supplies and Uber Eats. Then you have engaged a food delivery business.

When you look at these businesses, you will be like “Oboy, is it really possible to own and operate this kind of business successfully?”

So let me just answer you right now, YES you can operate a profitable food delivery business and you can do it with little or no capital.

Yes I mean it, you can own a very profitable food delivery business with little or no capital and in this training, I am going to show you step by step on how to set it up.

So if you’re looking for a business to invest in? A business that can give you the financial freedom you so desire

Or maybe you’re looking for a steady source of income that can help you handle your financial responsibility without breaking a sweat. 

If you can really commit yourself and master this business, it is bye bye to 9 to 5 , bye bye to horrible bosses and bye bye to fixed income or no income

It’s time to say bye-bye to always asking for urgent 2k (I mean it, I need you to literally say bye-bye to all the financial discomfort you are currently experiencing).

Bye-bye to the uncertainties – not knowing where the next cash will come from

Bye-bye to not having a profitable business to call your own.

Bye-bye to not having a sense of financial direction.

Permit me to briefly explain why I think the food delivery business is a business worth looking into and how I started mine.


See how I started the food delivery business

Don’t worry, I promise to make this very brief and pardon any typos.

Anyways, it started during the Covid lockdown, I realised a lot of people couldn’t move around to buy food or food items. So the thought struck me (investors vibe), “how about I start supplying food items to those who can not leave their homes because of the lockdown?”

I was reluctant at first and I no go lie, I procrastinated action on the idea (like a lot of us do) for over a week.

I finally got myself to get started and it was a blast, I made some mistakes as I went along but then I got better with the business, I knew what works and stayed clear of what doesn’t.

The beautiful thing is the business continued to grow even after the lockdown was uplifted.

For the sake of growth, I decided to not only supply food items to Nigerians, but to export to other countries where these food items are in high demand.

So like play like play, I got into the export business and that too was successful (although with its own challenges).

By now I have built a brand that was gradually gaining popularity both locally and internationally, also got a sales team that was as dedicated as myself. I then decided to include cooked food delivery to my list of services and this was when the cherry popped.

So that is how I started the food delivery business, it was strictly based on necessity, I did not have resources or attended any training, I just started and thank God the journey has been a successful one.

However, if I had someone to hold my hand when I started, someone to show me the ropes – like I’m willing to do now, I would not have made all the mistakes I made and probably would have gotten farther by now (who knows).

It Is Actually Quite Simple To Register

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Why should you start a Food Delivery business

Food delivery has become an essential service to humans. Everyone must eat, so this means that people are willing to spend their last buck on food.

No matter what happens in the future, food will still be needed and delivered, so your investment in the food delivery business is save and profitable both long and short term.

It also has low startup costs. Starting a food delivery business does not require a large capital investment. You can typically operate with just a smartphone, laptop and basic food-handling supplies.

This is a perfect business for an economy titling seriously towards a cashless economy like ours.

You can also have flexible scheduling. With a food delivery business, you can work whatever hours you choose and manage your own schedules because you are your own boss. You can also operate this business in any country of your choice, there are really no barriers

You also have low or zero operational costs. Unlike a physical restaurant or food store. 


Why should you listen to me

For one thing, I’ve been in the food-tech space for way over half a decade and I’m quite experienced on how the industry operates.

I currently operate a food delivery business locally and internationally, so it makes sense to listen to someone who has hands-on experience.

 You will have the opportunity to be guided and mentored by someone who has made mistakes and gotten some victories in the food delivery space, so you can avoid some of these mistakes

I have more than 2,000 students in food supply and mini agro exportation and I have also helped more than 50 export businesses rebrand and increase their sales by over 70% in the food industry.


See what others have to say about my training

Reviews don’t lie


So if are you looking to make money in the food industry (cooked and raw)? Look no further!

Our food delivery training program allows you to start making money right away. Whether you are experienced or a novice (beginner), this program is designed to help you succeed.

With our comprehensive training, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the food delivery business, from setting up your delivery service to managing customer relations. Our hands-on training also covers marketing strategies, budgeting, and customer service.

With our help, you’ll have the knowledge, experience and confidence to start your own profitable food delivery business in no time!


Samples Of Our Food Delivery Platform

With dedication, determination and guidance, you will be able to have your own food delivery business, just the way several of my students have done after their training. 


So What do you stand to gain in this training?

You will learn how to set up a food delivery business from Nigeria and top-tier countries like the US, UK and Canada, even if you have never step foot in those countries.

Let me make it clearer, you can be in Nigeria and operate the business abroad from the comfort of your living room

There are 2 models to this business and I will show you both of them (free and paid methods).

I will also show you how to get people to immediately start patronising your business, no time to waste 

I will show you how to get both local and international customers, as a matter of fact, even if you decide to operate your food delivery business on the moon, I will show you how to get customers who are ready and willing to start buying from you.

There are some legal issues to running this business, which I will also be covering.

I will also show you how to get partners or investors to scale your business if you are into that kind of thing (looking for investors). 

If you register for the training today, you will be part of the few who will get access to my mentorship program for this business till you get started.

Before I forget, I will also show you how to seamlessly set up your personalized payment gateway to enable you easily receive payments in your bank (regardless of the currency), no questions asked.

As an added bonus for those who take action today, I will give you my Ultimate Food Delivery Business Checklist for FREE.

This Checklist will be your bible, your day-to-day guard that will help you get started.

The good news is that you won’t just be reading throughout this training, you will also be listening and watching, meaning that this training will be in the form of audio and videos, so you will be seeing first-hand how it all works.

Since this will be an interactive training session you will also be “doing”.

You also will have the opportunity to ask me questions, so don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging.

See eh, if you are really serious about making money in a legitimate and long-term business, the food delivery business is one you should not miss.

I will show you how to also run the raw food delivery system.

I also advise you to take advantage of this opportunity “as e de hot” because if you linger or waste time, you might just miss out of the 15-person window to enjoy the N4,999 subsidized fee.

You will learn everything in the raw and cooked food industry and see how you can setup a profitable food delivery business for yourself

Cost Of Training

This training is valued at N100,000

However, I really want a lot of Nigerians to take advantage of this cashless economy and start a business that will be beneficial and profitable for years to come.

For this reason, a benefactor is subsidising this training at least for the next 15 people.

So the next 15 persons will pay N4,999 after which the training goes back to its original price.

And this is an online training but I also have a premium provision for a one on one physical training.

Training starts this Tonight at 7pm

It Is Actually Quite Simple To Register

Just make A Transfer of N4,999 


Account No: 3182746328

Account Name: Otaghogho Ekrebe

Bank Name: First Bank


Send Proof Of Payment To 08027049000


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