Digital Marketing Advantages

Advantage of Digital marketing

There are tons of benefits marketing your goods and services digitally. Life as we know it evolves around the internet, everyone is on their phones and computers. No wonder it is almost useless opting in for traditional marketing especially if your business is still at the startup phase.

I will be covering 10 advantages of digital marketing.

You get access to Millions of Online users 

It’s estimated that at least 80% of people search for information online and if your website is designed in a way to retain and engage your audience you will have access to countless of visitors that can become your clients. Having access to a wide range of people that no billboard or tv station can give you.

Its saves money

It is way more cheaper to run sponsored ads on Facebook or Google than securing a billboard to display your service. As a matter of fact, you can set your budget as low as N1,000 and as high as N5million depending on what works for you. Digital marketing gives equal opportunity to marketers solely dependent on your budget. Imagine working into TV station asking them to give you an advert slot for N1,000, the next thing you will see is security walking you out.

 Track your marketing (Sponsored Ads)

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, you can easily track who sees and engaged with your ad or website. This data is important in deciding if to continue or tweak your ad. Imagine you book an ad on a newspaper, you’ll only know how many papers were sold but not on how many people saw or interacted with your ad.

Every penny counts 

When you market digitally in other words when you run sponsored ads to your products or services, you’ll see how every penny is been spent, you’ll have insight in what is going on with your ad. You know when to scale up or scale down. You are totally in charge on how your money is spent.

100% targeting

Digital marketing gives marketers the ability to target right, you will be able to say who and where they see your product and service, you can also include how they see it. You see what you are spending your money on, where it will be most productive.

Good CRM

With digital marketing it’s easier to get feedback from your clients which will in turn build up the relationship with your clients and thus build trust in the process

Get ahead of your competition

Lot of businesses don’t take advantage of digital marketing, either thinking its too difficult to understand or expensive to put in place. When you market your product and services digitally you will get in front of clients your competition are leaving on the table.

You are in Control

With digital marketing you are in full control on what happens to your business, you monitor everything, from your budget to your audience.

No boundaries

There’s no limit to who sees your business, you can easily market to an audience away from your location (out of state or country), that is if your business is one that is not restricted by location.

Easily Scalable

It’s easy to scale your business digitally, especially your business reach and coverage.

The question now is should you be interested in digital marketing? the answer is a big YES, the possibilities are endless.