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Wondering If you need a website?

A lot of businesses ask this question, do they really need a website?

Before answering yes or no, let me tell you a short story about my business some 10 years ago.

Life was very tough and not knowing where the next money or client will come from was a norm. 

Then a friend asked if I’ve thought of having a website to show case my business, a website that can become my digital office. I gave it a thought and asked what do I needed to do.

He told me I need to write out what I needed my prospect to know about my business and hire a website developer. 

Long story short, I got a website developer and he charged me N400,000, I almost fainted, “where would I see N400k”.

I started searching online for other cheaper options, that was when I stumbled over a developer running a 50% discount on his service: I shouted “Ope o” contacted him, that was how I got my first website.

That was when everything changed for me, I combined my website with sponsored ads and I was literally unstoppable, I was getting calls and closing deals from prospective clients. I started some amazing business relationshipsthat has been of great value till date.

I then grew from making N60k per month to N400k in profit per month in less than 50 days 

2 years after, I decided to learn web development, digital marketing and programming. Since then, I’ve decided to help businesses struggling online to get exposure and customers on a regular basis .

So the short answer to the question is: 


Get Your Website Ready In 3 Working Days

All you need do is provide us the information about your business (info we need to build your website) and we do the rest. You get your website in 3 working days, no excuses and no stories.

Advantages Of Owning A Website

  1. It gives your business 24/7 Online Presence 
  2. Gives your business Credibility
  3. It helps with sales automation
  4. It saves time
  5. It helps with Market Expansion
  6. Saves your business operational cost
  7. It gives your business customer/audience Insight 
  8. It makes Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook possible and profitable
  9.  It gives your customers better user experience
  10. It aids online customer support
  11. It enables business growth

Countdown To 60% Promo Expiration

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Whatever Type Of Business You Operate, We Can Build A Website For It…

Skin Care

Cake Baking

Smoothie Making Business

Law Firm


Real Estate Business


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Hosting and Domain (www.yourbusinessname.com) for 1 year.

A corporate or professional email: [email protected]

4 page fully functional website

A social media marketing guide to get more customers (Bonus)

A video guide on how to manage and update your site (DIY style)

For Further Information or enquiry: [email protected] or 08027049000

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Countdown To 60% Promo Expiration

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